Publications of the Directors


Book Series and Journal on Migration Law (in German)

Daniel Thym is an active members of the editorial board of the ‘Zeitschrift für Ausländerrecht and Ausländerpolitik’ (Journal on Migration Law and Policy) and the ‘Schriftenreihe zum Migrationsrecht’ (Book Series on Migration), which are both published with Nomos from Baden-Baden. Ever since its first volume in 1980, the journal, which is widely known under its acronym ‘ZAR’, has been the central forum for German-language debates on immigration, asylum and nationality law. The book series, established in 2009, covers important monographs such as quality PhDs, including by collaborators of the FZAA Research Centre in Konstanz.

EU Immigration and Asylum Law - A Commentary, 2nd edn

EU Directives and Regulations on immigration and asylum, including the case law of the ECJ, becomes ever more important for those working in ministries, immigration authorities, national courts, academia, non-governmental organisations and as practicing lawyers. They may benefit from the fundamentally revised and extended second version of the established commentary edited by Kay Hailbronner and Daniel Thym. It was jointly by C.H. Beck, Nomos and Hart in the spring of 2016, covers all relevant legislation and includes four newly devised thematic introductions written for the second edition. Consult the introductory chapters on the 'Constitutional Framework and Principles for Interpretation' and the 'Legal Framework for EU Asylum Policy' to familiarise yourself with the commentary.

(German) Immigration Law

The Hailbronner Commentary on German Immigration Law is always reliable and up-to-date. It is bound in five volumes and published by C.F. Müller.

Breaking Points of Refugee Law (in German)


Refugee law and policy are controversial topics that raise manifold legal and conceptual questions. For that reason, Daniel Thym steps back and analyses ‘structural deficits of German, European and international refugee law’ at an intermediate level of abstraction in a recent essay called ’Sollbruchstellen des deutschen, europäischen und internationalen Flüchtlingsrechts’ (in German), which was published with De Gruyter in an open access format. The book concentrates on structural deficits underlying the Refugee Convention and the Common European Asylum System on the refugee definition, the travel route and interstate cooperation. It argues that these structural factors are here to stay and we should learn to accept refugee law and policy as an area of permanent reconstruction.

Edited Volume: Questioning EU Citizenship

Supranational citizenship is controversial: it is politically contested, the object of prominent court rulings and the subject of intense academic debates. A collection with prominent authors from across Europe, which was published with Bloomsbury/Hart, examines this vexed question, paying particular attention to the Court of Justice. Offering analytical readings of the key cases, it also examines those political, social and normative factors which influence the evolution of citizens‘ rights.  

Special Issue: Searching for Solidarity

Solidarity and fair sharing of responsibility is a key constitutional principles in the EU asylum, migration and border policies. While its importance is often proclaimed, including in Article 80 TFEU, its meaning, scope and precise implications for EU legislation and practice remain confounded. In its fifth issue of 2017, the Maastricht Journal of European and Comparative Law published a collection of eight articles, with Daniel Thym and Lilian Tsourdi as guest-editors.

Unionsbürgerschaft und Migration im aktuellen Europarecht (Edited Volume in German)

Migration is one of today’s major subjects, whose legal processing follows two different regimes: one for EU citizens and another for third-country nationals. Both topics are currently in a state of flux. This volume edited by Daniel Thym and Tobias Klarmann links both developments with contributions from aspiring young academics on the concept of EU citizenship and migration law towards third-country nationals.

Edited Volume ‘Rights of Third-Country Nationals under EU Association Agreements’

Based upon a joint project with Özyeğin University in Istanbul, ‘Rights of Third-Country Nationals under EU Association Agreements. Degrees of Free Movement and Citizenship’ published in 2015 highlights the significance of the rules on the free movement of persons in the association agreements between the European Union and neighbouring states, in particular Turkey. It extrapolates horizontal questions of legal interpretation, constitutional formation and substantive approximation, which underlie the diverse rules and which support the overall conclusion that there are degrees of free movement and citizens’ rights defining the status of associated countries between membership and partnership.

Textbook on (German) Asylum and Immigration Law

The fourth edition of the established German language textbook again presents the most important areas of immigration, asylum and EU free movement law against the background of legislative reforms as well as German and international case-law. The textbook serves as an introduction to German immigration and asylum law for students and practitioners. The fourth edition of december 2016 is published by Kohlhammer-Verlag.

Complementary Protection (in German)

More than half of the asylum applications in Europe are rejected. This explains the relevance of how Member States deal with persons who do not qualify for international protection whenever voluntary or forced return does not happen. Julia Schieber addresses with pertinent question in her prize-winning PhD thesis on ‘Complementary Protection’ (in German). The book was published in 2013 with Nomos.

Special Issue ‘Integration Contracts’

A special issue of the Zeitschrift für Ausländerrecht (in German) of March 2012 edited by the Konstanz Research Centre Immigration & Asylum Law presents five different contributions on the concept, potential and reality of 'integration contracts' in German, Austrian and Swiss immigration law with a conceptual introduction by Daniel Thym.

Migration Law (in German)

Habilitation by Professor Thym on administrative migration governance. Immigration and asylum law regulate the entry and integration of third-country nationals by legal means. Scrutinizing its rules, Daniel Thym adopts the perspective of the public administration and develops guiding principles for the contribution of »administrative migration law« to the management of migration flows at national, European and international level. Both the print-version and the e-book of 2010 are available from the publishing house Mohr Siebeck.

International Workshop for Young Scholars (WISH)

The proceedings of the bilingual 8th International Workshop for Young Scholars (WISH) on "Europe: A Continent of Immigration / Europe: A continent d'immigration" organised by Prof. Thym and the European Law Journal were published in the autumn of 2001 by Bruylant in Brussels.

Union Citizenship (in German)

Habilitation by Prof. Schönberger which analyses the Union citizenship in light of federal experiences and uses a comparative approach to explain the origin and structure of federal nationality in the United States, Switzerland and Germany. The book of 2005 is available from the publishing house Mohr Siebeck.