Unionsbürgerschaft und Migration im aktuellen Europarecht (Anthology in German)

April 2017

Migration is one of today’s major subjects, whose legal processing follows two different regimes: one for EU citizens and another for third-country nationals. Both topics are currently in a state of flux. This volume edited by Daniel Thym and Tobias Klarmann links both developments with contributions from aspiring young academics on the concept of EU citizenship and migration law towards third-country nationals.

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EU Asylum Policy - towards Reconstruction

February 2017

Although last year’s crisis of EU asylum policy is not front-page news any longer, it’s legal foundations are currently being rearranged. Within this broader context, Daniel Thym has recently commented on the opinion of Advocate General Mengozzi that there should be an individual of refugees across the world to be admitted to the EU in an interview with the German weekly DER SPIEGEL and the corresponding ECJ judgment (in ZEIT ONLINE and German public television), on the...

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Interview with DER SPIEGEL

July 2016

The future of the Dublin system and the options available for the European Union and its Member States at this juncture are one of the hottest political and legal issues at the moment. Daniel Thym presents his view of related ideas in an interview with the latest edition of the German weekly DER SPIEGEL.

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Conference: The Judicial Deconstruction of Union Citizenship

28/29 April 2016

Union citizenship is under pressure, both politically and legally. A number of more recent ECJ judgments famously highlighted the limits of transnational solidarity and membership the legal rules on Union citizenship bring about. An international conference at the University of Konstanz analyses underlying reasons. Participation is free, but requires prior registration. For more information consult the website of the Research Centre Immigration and Asylum Law.

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Parliamentary Hearing on the Maghreb Countries as Safe Countries of Origin

26 April 2016

The German government has reacted to the ‘refugee crisis’ with a collection of legislative initiatives reforming the German asylum system, thereby complementing ongoing initiatives at European and international level. One such measure concerns the expansion of the domestic list of ‘safe third countries’ to Algeria, Morocco and Tunesia on which the home affairs committee of the German Bundestag held a public hearing on 26 April 2016 in which Daniel Thym participated as an external...

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EU Immigration and Asylum Law - A Commentary, 2nd edn

April 2016

EU Directives and Regulations on immigration and asylum, including the case law of the ECJ, becomes ever more important for those working in ministries, immigration authorities, national courts, academia, non-governmental organisations and as practicing lawyers. They may benefit from the fundamentally revised and extended second version of the established commentary edited by Kay Hailbronner and Daniel Thym. It was jointly by C.H. Beck, Nomos and Hart in the spring of 2016, covers...

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EU-Turkey Deal on Asylum

March 2016

The prospect of a ‘deal’ between the European Union and Turkey on refugees and migrants in the Eastern Mediterranean has received much political attention. NGOs were quick to castigate the EU-Turkey refugee deal for falling foul of the EU’s own legal standards and for being an anti-humanitarian solution. Daniel Thym presents a different perspective by highlighting the conceptual value of an agreement which can be compatible with European and international rules on safe third...

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The Dilemma of German Refugee Policy

January 2016

German and Austrian asylum policy is gradually shifting away from pan-European solutions towards national solutions. In the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Daniel Thym discusses the underlying policy dilemma. Notwithstanding the widespread failure of the Common European Asylum System, sustainable migration governance cannot be achieved by individual states alone. It is the dilemma of contemporary decision-making that it cannot abolish and re-establish transnational cooperation...

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Beyond Dublin – Merkel’s Vision of EU Asylum Policy

The Common European Asylum System is a major theme across Europe and the position of the German government, epitomised by Angela Merkel, is a crucial factor for the future of EU asylum policy and the Schengen area. Daniel Thym presents the German perspective and explains potential implications for the EU as a whole in English and in French in his blog post to the new ‘EU Immigration and Asylum Law and Policy’ discussion forum established within the framework of the pan-European Odysseus Network.

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