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In Search for a Narrative for Germany as a Country of Immigration

17% of the German population are foreign-born; many more have a ‘migration background’. This profound transformation entails that the collective self-image of Germany requires adaptation, also considering that the optimism of previous debates about equal membership has faded. Marginalised perspective call for recognition and structural change. A workshop, organised by Daniel Thym and two experts of literature, will bring together an interdisciplinary group on 22/23 June 2023. Participants will…

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Keynote of the Regional Minister for Integration

The Research Centre Immigration & Asylum Law will co-organise the Workshop on ‘Narratives for a Country of Immigration’ (in German), which will take place at the University of Konstanz on 21/22 June 2023 in physical presence.  The Regional Minister for Integration of Baden-Württemberg, Manfred ‘Manne’ Lucha, will contribute a political Keynote über „Zugehörigkeit und Zusammenhalt in Baden-Württemberg“ (Thursday, 21 June at 18:15), which can also be followed online as a hybrid event. External…

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Need and Potential of Asylum Policy Reform in Germany and Europe

Asylum policy reform takes centre stage in the public debate in Germany and the EU in response to a ‘refugee summit’ in the chancellery and the forthcoming ‘showdown’ over the ongoing legislative debate in Brussels. These debates epitomise an underlying challenge: will Germany and Europe face continued ad hoc improvisation or witness a fundamental revision preparing the ground for a more sustainable asylum system? Will the reform proposals, if adopted, change much in practice? In an interview…

‘A different Germany’: Integration and Cohesion in a Country of Immigration

On the occasion of the informal ‘diversity day’, the public radio station WDR 5 has produced a podcast with Professor Thym (starting at 2’15 min., in German) on his normative vision of equal membership and togetherness in an increasingly diverse Germany. It takes up topics that feature prominently in the German debate and can learn from a comparison with the classic country of immigration: the US. For further comments, see the op-ed essay with the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung published in…

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