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[Translate to Englisch:] Cover des Buches "Deutschland als Einwanderungsland"

Open Access Publication ‘Germany as a Country of Immigration’ (in German)

A popular reference in the public debate is the designation of Germany as a ‘country of immigration’ (Einwanderungsland). The term is often used in an affirmative manner, as if the recognition of a factual reality was a self-fulfilling prophecy what should be done. That would obviously be too simple. ‘Countries of immigration’ need lively and constructive debate about the future rules and policies governing entry into the territory and the equal membership of those residing legally. In the open

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75 years of the German Basic Law and the right to asylum: Back to the future

Western countries are once again having controversial discussions about the right to asylum. Many see a need for reform, from administrative practice to legislation. Such focus on change contrasts with an international debate which presents the Refugee Convention as a ‘magna carta’, thus suggesting timeless guidance. The Migration Policy Forum (MPF) on Thursday, 23 May 2024, will accentuate this long-term perspective on the 75th anniversary of the German Basic Law with the aim of better…

Talk Show ‘Marcus Lanz’ on External Asylum Procedures

Asylum policy has always been controversial. German politicians increasingly embrace the idea of external processing, emulating the model set by the British ‘Rwanda plan’ and the Italian ‘Albania project’. The issue has even reached the prominent prime time talk show ‘Markus Lanz’ on the public television – with Professor Thym as one of four guests (he appears at minute 39’30, 52’26, and 1‘05‘58). Moving beyond domestic politics, the debate involved heartbreaking pictures from a recent TV…

UK Parliament Approves ‘Safety of Rwanda Bill’

Politicians across European have promoted external processing in safe third countries for more than 20 years. Finally, the idea may face the reality check if the British government moves ahead with the controversial returns to Rwanda. If that happened, to critical questions would arise: firstly, will British courts and the ECtHR in Strasbourg accept the claim of the British government that the local asylum system works effectively in accordance with European standards; secondly, will it be…

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