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Parliamentary Hearing on the Amendment of the German Free Movement Law

October 2014

Daniel Thym appeared in a hearing of the Home Affairs Committee of the German Bundestag on the proposal by the German government to amend the Free Movement Code in order to respond to what the Coalition Agreement of the current government described as ‘poverty migration’ within the European Union. In his written statement, Daniel Thym explains why the proposal complies with EU law, but fails nonetheless to address many of the core legal issues underlying the ongoing debate.


The Solitude of European Law Made in Germany

Although European law is transnational by definition, discourses about EU law continue to be structured along linguistic lines. For that reason, the issue of multilingualism is essential for the identity of academic debates about EU law. Daniel Thym reflects upon the current state of multilingualism and the roles of English language contributions in his recent contribution to the Verfassungsblog under the title ‘The Solitude of European Law Made in Germany’. The contribution is meant to invite…

ECB Bond Purchases: the ECJ Reference as an Oasis in the Desert

For the first time ever, the German Constitutional Court has asked the Court of Justice for a preliminary ruling on the compatibility with the EU Treaties of the ECB’s OMT programme, which the German court considers to fall foul of the German constitution. Daniel Thym is among the first legal commentators to explain his position in English and in German on both the Verfassungsblog and EUtopiaLaw.

Call for Papers: Rights of Turkish Nationals

Together with Özyegin University in Istanbul, the Konstanz Research Centre on Immigration and Asylum Law has published a call for papers (deadline: 1 Mar 2014) for young researchers to present their work at a workshop in Istanbul in May 2014. For more information consult the call for papers.