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Beyond Dublin – Merkel’s Vision of EU Asylum Policy

The Common European Asylum System is a major theme across Europe and the position of the German government, epitomised by Angela Merkel, is a crucial factor for the future of EU asylum policy and the Schengen area. Daniel Thym presents the German perspective and explains potential implications for the EU as a whole in English and in French in his blog post to the new ‘EU Immigration and Asylum Law and Policy’ discussion forum established within the framework of the pan-European Odysseus Network.

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Parliamentary Hearing on Streamlined Asylum Procedures

October 2015

Germany has been confronted with a dramatic increase of the number of asylum seekers over the summer. The government’s reaction includes a bill introducing a mix of policy initiatives on streamlined asylum procedures, a more effective return policy and facilitated integration policies. At an expert hearing in the Home Affaires Committee of the German Bundestag, Daniel Thym assesses the Bill in written observations and oral interventions which can be followed on parliamentary TV.

Interview with Deutsche Welle TV

In the framework of the special programme on ‘What next for Europe?’, Deutsche Welle TV, the English language service of public broadcasters from Germany, conducts an interview with Daniel Thym on the response to the current asylum crisis.

Publication of ‘Rights of Third-Country Nationals under EU Association Agreements’

Based upon a joint project with Özyeğin University in Istanbul, the new book ‘Rights of Third-Country Nationals under EU Association Agreements. Degrees of Free Movement and Citizenship’ highlights the significance of the rules on the free movement of persons in the association agreements between the European Union and neighbouring states, in particular Turkey. It extrapolates horizontal questions of legal interpretation, constitutional formation and substantive approximation, which underlie the…

The ‘Refugee Emergency’ in Germany and Europe

Support for Refugees and the future functioning of the asylum system in Germany and the European Union are the dominant political theme of the day. Daniel Thym discusses the context and the background with the German public broadcaster in the ‘Bericht aus Berlin’ (Report from Berlin), towards the German branch of the news agency Reuters as well as in interviews with the radio station SWR Info and the newspaper Hessischen/Niedersächsischen Allgemeine.

Parliamentary Hearing on a Permanent Regularisation Scheme and Return

February 2015

Given that about one-third of all asylum applications are currently lodged in Germany, the German Bill establishing a permanent regularisations scheme (including for asylum seekers that have been rejected) and the reform of return instruments is particularly relevant. Daniel Thym contributed to the debate of the Home Affairs Committee of the German Parliament both in writing and orally. You can follow the hearing online on Parliament TV:

Access to Social Benefits for Union Citizens

The free movement of Union citizens who do not work has become a controversial topic in various European countries. The restrictive Dano judgment of the Court of Justice received much attention, but it did not resolve conceptual and doctrinal tensions at the heart of the case law, which Daniel Thym discusses in his contribution “The Elusive Limits of Solidarity” in the recent issue of the Common Market Law Review. The article demonstrates how to navigate through a complex and controversial area…

CharterClick! Practical Online Guide on the Scope of the EU Charter

Academics and legal practitioners are struggling to distinguish the scope of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights and to decide whether it applies in specific scenarios. A collaborative research consortium led by the Florence University will develop, with the active participation of the University of Konstanz, an online tool called “CharterClick!”on the scope of the Charter with financial support of the European Union. It will include, among others, a database with national and European case law…