Gender in teaching

Criminal law as a reflection of the role of women in society

Project Gender in Teaching

Starting in the winter semester 2019/20, the lecture Comparative Criminal Law will be integrated into the specialisation area of Criminal Law (05).

In preparation for this, the research project deals with the role of women in a society vertically - society-oriented historically - as well as horizontally - according to legal circles and legal families, and examines the influence of individual gender roles on the development of criminal law. The current lecture concept deals with these questions as a preliminary consideration and will be critically deepened here and subsequently presented and evaluated for the first time in the lecture in the winter semester 2019/20.

To this end, the knowledge bases on the position of women in the historical forms of society will be compiled in the coming months. One research interest is whether conclusions can be drawn from the origins in segmentary and cephalic societies in their further developments in Roman, Egyptian, Hebrew and Germanic law to today's solutions and today's questions. The critical discussion in the lecture afterwards makes it possible to ask whether gender roles should have any influence at all on criminal law and how this development could be influenced. This will be deepened in a small comparative criminal law project accompanying the lecture, which will also be used to train methodological understanding.

In the summer semester 2019, the project will be funded with a student assistant position