„Without self-assertion, a woman won't get ahead in our society.“

- Jutta Limbach


The JuLi-Programme is a mentoring and support initiative for junior scientists. As equal opportunities officer of the University of Constance's department III (Political Science-Law-Economy), Prof. Dr. Liane Wörner, LL.M. (UW-Madison) advocates for matters of (gender) equality and the promotion of young scientists. The JuLi-Programme has been founded in honor of Prof. Dr. Jutta Limbach and aims to promote and connect female doctoral researchers and habilitation candidates in law. The programme creates opportunities to network, exchange ideas and take part in workshops as well as provides the mentees with a compilation of resources, thus contributing to the University of Constance's general aim of achieving equal opportunities of female (junior) scientists.

We are constantly accepting new members / mentees. You are a female doctoral researcher or habilitation candidate of the University of Constance's faculty of Law? Feel welcome to apply and find our invitation here.