Living and Studying in Konstanz

About the University
Studying at the University of Konstanz means living and learning on a small, closely-knit campus based university, founded in 1966, directly on Lake Constance with an outstanding reputation both in Germany and abroad. In fact, the student body of around 10 000 students includes members from more than 80 countries. Over 150 agreements with European universities and numerous exchange programs with universities world-wide ensure a global network.

About Konstanz 
Living in one of the most beautiful regions in Germany, directly on Lake Constance, on the borders to Switzerland and Austria, not far from Italy and France, and with a huge variety of leisure and athletic activities. You can discover the city of Konstanz with its over one thousand year old history, enjoy the city theater or listen to life music in the clubs, tour the Swiss Alps or perhaps visit Zurich, swim, surf and sail Lake Konstanz.

About housing and other essential Information 
Please follow the links listed below for further information about housing, registration, sport activities and other essential information.

Study Abroad in Konstanz

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