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The specifically tailored core areas and the facilitation of international aspects of teaching reflect

the focus of research at the School of Law. Research is mainly undertaken in the area of

International Business Law, International and European Civil and Procedural Law with comparison

of Civil Procedures, Labour and Employment Law, Economic and Environmental Law, European

and International Criminal Law and Criminology, Alternative Dispute Resolution, International and

European Law as well as German and European Administrative Law. The Center for International

and European Law on Immigration and Asylum as well as the Institute for Factual Research

(Rechtstatsachenforschung) are organisationally institutionalized core research areas. The School

of Law encourages cooperation with the Economic Science and Arts departments, which has led to

collective research projects and the successful application for implementation of a Cluster of

Excellence “Cultural Foundation of Integration” within the framework of the federal initiative for

academic excellence of 2006.