Research Projects

Consumer Law

  • Consumer Law between general Private Law and Competition Law
  • Consumer Protection in Consumer Contracts

Unfair Competition Law

  • Scope and contents of totally harmonizing EU law relating to Unfair Commercial Practices B2C
  • Leeway and Necessity of Member States' Legislation on Unfair Commercial Practices B2B ("unfair trading practices")
  • Act against Unfair Competition - 2015 Amendment
  • Regulatory framework of comparative advertising between European Trade Mark Law, the Directive concerning misleading and comparative advertising and the Unfair Commercial Practices Directive

Antitrust/Competition law

  • "External" borders of the scope of Competition law; exceptions and consideration of non-competitive public interests
  • Restraints of competition brought about by vertical agreements, in particular with regard to online distribution
  • Private Enforcement

IP Law

  • Limits of trade mark protection under the EU Trade Mark Directive as a manifestation of a competition-friendly structure of IP Law
  • Development of a system of justifications for infringements of IP Rights

Legal methodology:

  • Judicial experience as prima-facie evidence in Business Law
  • Meta-rules of EU law  relating to the application of the law