Rotterdam Law Network

academic, political and administrative

The Rotterdam Law Network was founded in 1995 on the initiative of the Erasmus University Rotterdam. Not only is the University of Konstanz a founding member, but also the only representative of the German academic landscape.

The aim of the Rotterdam Law Network is cultivating existing and establishing new contacts between the law departments of the member universities. Since its formation, the Rotterdam Law Network has grown to include more than 30 member universities. These include universities from EU member states, EU candidate states as well as from the European Economic Area. The Network is steadily growing by gaining new members.

Activities of the Network encompass an exchange on all levels: student exchange, staff and teaching mobility as well as an annual meeting, the “Rotterdam Law Network Meeting”, which in 2016 was held in Konstanz for the first time. Participants of the annual meetings comprise deans, professors and international coordinators of the law faculties of the member universities. These reflect the Network’s aspiration to simultaneously function on an academic, political and administrative level.