Course of Studies

The standard period of study spans over three semesters, including the Master’s examination. In the first two semesters, you take courses cumulating at least 20 weekly semester hours, which should be spread equally between both semesters. One weekly semester hour equals 45 minutes. The course catalogue  lists the amount of weekly semester hours for every course (abbreviated with “st”).

Vertragsrecht I, 4st/12 p

This course (Contract Law I) encompasses 4 weekly semester hours (4st). The number of 12p (12 ECTS credits) is not relevant for the LL.M. program.

It is required to take one basic lecture in Civil Law as well as one basic lecture in Public Law, which each encompass 4 weekly semester hours. These include the following courses:

  • Civil Law: Vertragsrecht I, Vertragsrecht II (Contract Law I, Contract Law II)
  • Public Law: Grundrechte, Staatsorganisationsrecht (Fundamental Rights, State Organisation Law)

The remaining 12 weekly semester hours can be chosen freely. From the special courses for international students (in the course catalogue under “J”), only 2 weekly semester hours can be credited.

Equivalent courses which you already passed during your Erasmus studies at the University of Konstanz can be credited. If you passed courses encompassing 20 weekly semester hours including the required basic lectures during this time, you can apply for admission to the master’s examination directly at the beginning of your studies.

Master’s Examination

In the course of your studies (generally during the second semester), you look for a supervisor among the professors of the Department of Law, who will help you to find a suitable topic for your master’s thesis. We will help you to find a supervisor whose research focus meets your interests.

At the end of the lecture period of the second semester, you apply for admission to the master’s examination along with the proof of attended courses to the extent of 20 weekly semester hours, the name of your supervisor and the topic of your thesis. The master’s examination consists of a master’s thesis with a research time of 3 months and an oral examination of 30 minutes.

Application for admission to the master’s examination.