Special Issue ‘Points System’ for Highly Skilled Labour Migration (in German)

German politics have discussed the introduction of a ‘points system’ following the Canadian model for years. In its coalition agreement, the new German government promised to deliver by establishing an ‘opportunity card on the basis of a points system to allow qualified workers from third states to enter the German labour market for purposes of jobseeking’. Realising that venture remains challenging, since the new entry channel will have to complement pre-existing domestic reform steps and the supranational blue card scheme. Six leading experts discuss the pitfalls and opportunities of the new project in a special issue coordinated by Daniel Thym. It has been published in the Journal of Immigration Law and Policy (Zeitschrift für Ausländerrecht und -Politik). The introductory contribution, written by the editor, has been made available open access by the publisher ("Komplexität als Chance. Gestaltungsoptionen für das künftige Punktesystem zur Fachkräfteeinwanderung", in German).