Research interests

    1. Private law and civil trial law
      • law of obligations, enrichment law
      • property law
      • IT-law, in particular IT-outsourcing and IT-contract law
      • law of proof, in particular burden of proof and prima facie
    2. Ancient legal history and Roman law
      • Comparison of Jewish and Roman law
      • Law in the Old Testament, New Testament and Talmud
      • Roman law and Stoic logic
    3. Logic, AI and Law
      • Stoic logic and Roman jurisprudence
      • Leibnizian legal logic
      • Modern legal logic
        • legal analogies
        • development of value-sensitive logic
        • Legal Tech
    4. IT law
      • Legal problems in information technology, particularly IT security, data protection law and arrangement of software contracts
    5. Leibniz
      • Legal philosophy, legal logic and legal doctrine of Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz
    6. Roman and European private law
      • Dogmatic criticism on the basis of legal history and comparative law
      • Unification of law




Quidquid leges sine moribus vanae proficiunt?