Funded Projects


      Interdisciplinary research project together with Prof. Dr. Giovanni Sartor (Bologna), Prof. Dr. Agata Ciabattoni (TU Vienna) and Prof. Dr. Adrian Paschke (FU Berlin):

      "Norm-based reasoning: from legal and moral traditions to AI Systems"

      funded by the VW Foundation (Program: AI and Society)


      German-French program in the humanities and social sciences (DFG/ANR):

      Project title: law and logic (Konstanz/Lille III)




      Cluster of excellence "Kulturelle Grundlagen der Integration" (Cultural Foundations of Integration):

      An investigation of ancient Jewish law using the example of price overriding / law as a phenomenon of social integration and disintegration in antiquity




      Network platform: Comparative monarchy research in pre-modern times (AFF):



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