Chair Profile

The chair focuses on interdisciplinary fundamental research. The historical, religio-historical and philosophical foundations of law are examined, as well as the impact of modern information technology on law.

-  The focus of applicable law is on private law and private trial law, in particular the law of obligations (AS, Werkvertragsrecht, Bereicherungsrecht), property law (Anwartschaftsrecht und Kreditsicherheiten) and the law of proof (burden of proof / prima facie). In addition, the civil dogmas are critically questioned on a legal-historic and comparative legal basis.

- The historical focus is on ancient law and legal philosophy by Leibniz and other scholars of the Early Modern Age.

- The religio-historical aspect focuses on David Daube (1909-1999) who was a returning guest professor at the University of Konstanz, and the ancient Jewish law in relation to Roman law and the other ancient laws.

- The philosophical focus is on the application of formal logic to law in past and present with respect to rationality of legal argumentation and artificial intelligence.

- The legal IT aspect focuses on the interdisciplinary capture of legal problems arising due to digitization, in particular problems of IT security and the use of artificial intelligence.

Klarheit in den Worten, Brauchbarkeit in den Sachen.
G.W. Leibniz